The AX3902 is a high efficiency, 2A current mode synchronous step down DC/DC
    converter with a wide input voltage range from 4.5V to 18V. The device integrates
    high side and low si de MOSFETs to achieve high efficiency conversion.
    The current mode architecture supports fast transient response and internal
    compensation. The AX3902 provides complete fault protection including input
    under voltage lockout output short circuit protec tion, over current protection, and
    thermal shutdown. The switching frequency is internally set at 500 k Hz. AX3902 have
    different operation modes:
    is automatic PSM/PWM mode
    To improve the light load efficiency, AX3902 has proprietary light load p ower saving
    mode (PSM) to minimize the switching loss by reducing the switching frequency.
    The AX3902 is available in the SOT-23-6L package.


    Package Type SOT-23-6L
    Input Voltage (Max) 18V
    Output Current 2.5A
    Output Voltage 0.6V to 12V , Adj
    Frequency 500KHz
    Shutdown Current 10uA
    5 to 3.3V Efficiency(%) 94
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