The AX78L05 of positive voltage Regulator isinexpensive, easy-to-use devices suitable for a multitude of applications that require a regulated supply of up to 100mA. Like their higher power AX78L05, thisregulatorfeature internal current limiting and thermal shutdown making them remarkably rugged. No external components are required with the AX78L05 devicein many applications.
    The device offer a substantial performance advantage over the traditional zener diode-resistor combination, as output impedance and quiescent current are substantially reduced.


    Package Type SOT89-3
    Input Range 3.3 to 24V
    Output Current (Max) 0.1A
    Output Voltage 5V
    Dropout 1.7V(Typ)
    Quiescent Current 3mA
    Accuracy ±4%
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