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The AX1201 is a low-dropout voltage regulator suitable for various electronic equipments. It provides constant voltage power source. The dropout voltage of AX1201 is below 0.14V in full rated current (1A). This regulator has various functions such as a peak current protection, a thermal shut down, a short circuit protect.
   The AX1201 is available in SOP-8L and TO220-5L power packages which features small size to reduce the junction-to-case resistance, being applicable in 0.5~3W applications.


Package Type SOP8,TO220-5,TO220-5(R)
Input Range 23V
Output Current (Max) 1A
Output Voltage Adj(Vfb=1.22V),5V,9V,12V
Dropout 0.2V(Max 12 to 5V)
Quiescent Current 0.15mA
Accuracy ±2%
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