The AX2020 is a continuous conduction mode inductivestep-down converter, designed for driving single ormultiple series connected LED efficiently from avoltage source higher than the total LED chain voltage.The device operates from an input supply between 8Vand 32V and provides an externally adjustable outputcurrent of up to 1A. Depending upon the supplyvoltage and external components, the AX2020 can provide more than15watts of output power.The AX2020 includes the power switch and a high-sideoutput current sensing circuit, which uses an externalresistor to set the nominal average output current, and adedicated DIM input accepts awide range of pulsed dimming. Applying a voltage of0.3V or lower to the DIM pin turns the output off andswitches the device into a low current standby state.
    The AX2020 is available in SOT89-5Lpackage.


    Package Type SOT89-5
    Input Voltage 8 to 32V
    Output Current 1A
    Output Voltage -
    Frequency Max. 1MHz
    Shutdown Current -
    Efficiency(%) 85(2A, 12 to 5V)
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