The AX2016 is a step-up converter designed for driving up to 10 series white LEDs for backlighting application. The AX2016/A/B uses current mode, 1MHZ fixed frequency architecture to regulate the LED current, which is set through an external current sense resistor. Its low 300mV/250mV/200mV feedback voltage reduces power loss and improves efficiency. The OV pin monitors the output voltage and turns off the converter if an over-voltage condition is present due to an open circuit condition. The AX2016/A/B includes under-voltage lockout, current limiting and thermal shutdown protection preventing damage in the event of an output overload. The driver is available in small 6-pin TSOT-23 and 8-pin TDFN (2mm x 2mm) packages.


    Package Type TSOT23-6,TDFN8
    Input Voltage 2.5 to 5.5V
    Switching Current 1.7A
    Output Voltage (MAX) 40V
    Frequency 1MHz
    Shutdown Current 1uA
    Efficiency(%) -
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