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The AX6630/A is a low noise, high output current, low quiescent current and low dropout linear regulator. The Device includes pass element, error amplifier, band-gap, current-limit and thermal shutdown circuitry. The output current is up to 1.2A. The characteristics of low dropout voltage and less quiescent current make it good for some critical current application, for example, some battery powered devices. The typical quiescent current is approximately 50μA. Due to internal flexible design, result in extensively fixed output voltage versions form 1.0V to 5V per 0.1V steps. Built-in current-limit, Short current protection and thermal-shutdown functions prevent any fault condition from IC damage.


Package Type SOT223,TO252, TO263,SOT89
Input Range 5.5V
Output Current (Max) 1.2A
Output Voltage 1.0 to 5V 0.1V step
Dropout 0.38V(Typ, Vout=3.3V, Iout=1A)
Quiescent Current 50uA
Accuracy ±2%
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