The AX3821 is a monolithic synchronous buck regulator. The device integrates two 100mΩ MOSFETs, and provides 1.6A of ontinuous load current over a wide input voltage of 4.5V to 13V. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-Cycle current limit.

    Internal soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on, and in shutdown mode the supply current drops to 1μA.

    This device, available in SOT-23-6L package, provides a very compact solution with minimal external components.


    Package Type SOT23-6
    Input Voltage (Max) 13V
    Output Current 1.6A
    Output Voltage Adj(Vfb=0.6V)
    Frequency 600KHz
    Shutdown Current 1uA
    5 to 3.3V Efficiency(%) 92(12 to 5V/1A)
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