The AX8733 is an integrated power switch for self powered and bus powered Universal
    Serial Bus (USB) applications with high output absolute rating of 28V
    A built
    in charge pump is used to drive the N channel MOSFET that is free of parasitic body
    diode to eliminate any reversed current flow across the switch when it is powered off . FLAG is an
    open drain output report over current or over temperature event and has typical 9ms deglitch
    timeout period . When the output voltage/current is higher than input voltage, the power switch is
    turned off by internal output reverse voltage/current comparator . Several Protection features include
    current limiting and thermal shutdown to pr event catast rophic switch fail ure caused by increas ing
    power dissipation when con tinuous heavy loads or short circuit occurs.


    Package Type TSOT 23 5 ,TSOT 23 6 Package
    Input Voltage (Max) 6V
    Output Current Internally Limited
    Output Voltage up to 28V
    Shutdown Current
    5 to 3.3V Efficiency(%)
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